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Celebrate Black History Month with Printable Coloring Pages

Many thanks for visiting our fun collection of Black History Month coloring pages. For kids and adults alike, GBcoloring is excited to offer a fun way to honor and learn about the important things African Americans have done. We have simple, fun, and free coloring pages that are also informative.

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What is the month of February?

As a way to honor the rich cultural history and important accomplishments of African Americans, we celebrate Black History Month every February. Learn about the important roles and lasting effects of African Americans in history during this special month. The historian Carter G. Woodson started “Negro History Week” in 1926. In 1976, President Gerald R. Ford made it a full month. It is now a symbol of the African American community’s strength, creativity, and unwavering energy.

Just why are there coloring pages for Black History Month?

There’s more to coloring than just having fun. It can help you learn and discover new things. Children can connect with historical people and events through our Black History Month coloring pages while also having fun. Parents and teachers can use these pages to start talks with their kids about diversity, equality, and justice by introducing them to important stories.

Some things about our coloring pages for Black History Month
Our coloring pages that you can print out are meant to be fun and good for you. Some of the most important people and symbols in African American history are drawn in stunning detail on each page. Here are some great things about our coloring pages:

Print for free and without any trouble: Anytime, from home or school, you can get to these colored pages.
Plain designs are great for kids and people who are just starting out.
Content that is educational: You can learn something while drawing because each page has short notes about the picture of a person or thing.

10 Coloring Book Ideas with Themes to Look Through

John F. Kennedy: Make the most well-known civil rights hero in the United States’ face you want.
The famous bus where Rosa Parks made history should be drawn.
On the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman told people to “follow the North Star.”
Happy birthday, Barack Obama! You are the first African American president of the United States.
Maya Angelou: Bring this important writer and activist’s artistic spirit to life for everyone to see.
Thank you for remembering Nelson Mandela, who was South Africa’s first black president and a leader in the fight against racism.
People like George Washington Carver and Madam C.J. Walker were African American creators who deserve more attention.
Famous people in jazz music, like Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, will add some jazz to your pages.
Traditional African masks are works of art that you can learn more about here.
Support the cause for justice and equality called “Black Lives Matter: Color” if you agree.

Coloring Tips

Pick the Correct Elements: Color pencils, crayons, or markers that work with the type of paper on your page.
To give their painting more depth, teach your kids how to blend colors.
It’s okay to color in any way you choose. Let your kids pick out their own color choices and touches that make them unique.
When coloring, talk about: Talk about what the people and symbols on each page mean while you color and have fun.

Glad you picked GBcoloring.

If you’re celebrating or learning about Black History Month, we hope that our coloring pages will be useful. Connecting with history and getting creative at the same time is great fun when you color. It’s great that you chose GBcoloring to paint with. Here are some free coloring pages that you can print out. Let’s work together to paint a picture of togetherness and diversity!

In the end, keep in mind that each color stroke tells a part of the story we all share. It’s Black History Month, so have fun drawing!

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