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Bluey Coloring Pages

Welcome to the wonderful world of “Bluey Coloring Pages“! As you flip through each page, you’ll find a variety of colorful and creative coloring pages, each with a unique and engaging theme. Let’s explore three popular themes: Bluey Christmas, Bluey and Bingo, and Bluey Halloween, each with its own unique characteristics.

Our Bluey Coloring Pages Collection

Bluey and Bingo Coloring Pages

Bluey and Bingo Coloring Pages offer a delightful canvas for young artists to explore. These engaging Bluey and Bingo coloring pages bring the beloved characters to life with vibrant colors, allowing children to embark on a creative journey filled with imagination and fun. Discover a world of creativity and entertainment with our wide selection of Bluey and Bingo coloring pages.

Bluey Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas Bluey Coloring Pages” bring the holiday spirit to life with our festive collection. Dive into a world of Yuletide creativity with these Christmas Bluey coloring pages. Kids and adults alike can enjoy coloring their favorite Bluey characters in holiday-themed scenes, adding a touch of magic to the season.

Bluey Halloween Coloring Pages

Bluey Halloween Coloring Pages” offer a spooky twist to our beloved Bluey characters. Dive into a world of Halloween creativity with these themed coloring pages. Kids and adults can enjoy coloring Bluey, Bingo, and friends in Halloween costumes, creating a festive and imaginative experience.

Bluey Bandit (Dad) Coloring Pages

“Bluey Dad Coloring Pages” put the spotlight on one of the beloved characters of the Bluey series, Dad! These pages offer a unique opportunity to celebrate the fatherly charm of Bandit. Whether you’re a fan of this endearing character or simply looking for a creative way to express your appreciation, our Bluey Dad coloring pages are the perfect choice.

Bluey Chilli (Mom) Coloring Pages

“Bluey Mom Coloring Pages” celebrate the wonderful character of Chilli, Bluey and Bingo’s loving and caring mother. These coloring pages provide a unique opportunity to pay tribute to the heartwarming character of Chilli. Whether you’re a fan of her character or simply want a creative way to express your admiration, our Bluey Mom coloring pages are a fantastic choice.

Some simple suggestions for coloring characters in Bluey by GBcoloring


Start with Bluey’s fur. Use a light blue or sky blue color for her body.
For Bluey’s spots, color them with dark blue or navy blue.
Bluey’s nose should be colored pink or light pink.
Use black for her eyes, and don’t forget to color her mouth with a bit of red or pink.
Finish up by coloring her collar with a bright red or orange-red shade.


Begin by coloring Bingo’s fur with a light gray color.
For Bingo’s spots, use a darker gray, like charcoal gray.
Her nose should be a pale pink color.
Color Bingo’s eyes with black and add a pink or red mouth.
Lastly, her collar can be colored in a vibrant shade of purple.

Bandit (Dad):

Bandit’s fur should be colored with a light brown or beige shade.
His nose can be colored a slightly darker brown.
For his eyes, use black and add a small black spot for his mouth.
Bandit’s collar should be colored in a deep blue or navy blue.

Chilli (Mom):

Start with Chilli’s light brown or tan fur color.
Her nose can be a slightly darker brown.
Use black for her eyes, and give her a warm and friendly smile with a pink or red mouth.
Chilli’s collar can be colored with a light pink or pastel pink hue.

Personal Creativity:

Embrace your personal creativity! Don’t feel bound by the colors we’ve suggested. Feel free to experiment with different shades and add your unique touch to each character. You can make Bluey and her family as colorful and imaginative as you like. Let your imagination run wild!

Our Experience

The Bluey coloring experience on GBcoloring is a creative adventure. You’ll feel a sense of freedom and joy when choosing colors for the characters. Upon completion, you’ll take pride in your unique artwork and can use it as a distinctive gift or decoration. GBcoloring offers a fusion of entertainment and art, allowing you to express yourself and immerse in the vibrant and creative world of Bluey.


Coloring pages are more than just a fun activity; They also help develop creativity, concentration, and aesthetic abilities. “Bluey Coloring Pages” provides a great opportunity to connect with family and friends through fun and educational activities. From Bluey Christmas to Bluey Halloween, each coloring page contains a unique color story. Don’t hesitate anymore! Download Bluey coloring pages now and start your creative journey. Participate in coloring activities with family and friends to enjoy fun and meaningful moments.

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