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Dia de los Muertos Coloring Pages – Printable and Free Sheets for Kids

Hello, everyone! As Dia de los Muertos approaches, we’re excited to share a special treat for families looking to celebrate: a collection of vibrant Dia de los Muertos coloring pages. At GBcoloring, we offer these pages completely free and ready to print, allowing children of all ages to dive into the colorful traditions of this meaningful holiday.

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Download Your Free Dia de los Muertos Coloring Pages

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a unique holiday where families honor their departed loved ones. It’s a day filled with joy, remembrance, and vibrant colors, all of which are captured in our wide array of coloring pages. You can easily find and download a variety of scenes on our website, featuring everything from intricate sugar skulls to serene floral altars. Each page serves as a canvas for creativity and a way to engage with the holiday’s rich cultural heritage.

Easy and Fun Coloring Options for Kids

We know that younger children might need simpler activities, which is why we’ve included pages with less complex designs in our collection. These pages feature bold lines and larger areas to color, making them perfect for younger kids or anyone who prefers not to fuss with tiny details. They are a wonderful way for little ones to participate in the festivities and learn about the symbols of Dia de los Muertos in a fun, accessible way.

Learn While You Color

Our coloring pages aren’t just fun; they’re also educational. Each one introduces kids to the important symbols of Dia de los Muertos:

Sugar Skulls: These colorful skulls are a famous symbol of the holiday, representing the souls of the departed.
Marigold Flowers: Also known as cempasúchil, these bright flowers are believed to guide the spirits with their vibrant color and fragrance.
Candles and Altars: Essential in the celebrations, these elements light the way for spirits to find their way back to the world of the living.
We include short descriptions with our coloring pages to help kids learn about what these symbols mean, enhancing their understanding of the holiday as they color.

Printing Made Simple

Getting started with your coloring adventure is super easy. All our Dia de los Muertos coloring pages are ready to print directly from our website. Just choose your favorite designs, download them, and print them out at home. This quick access means you can decide to start coloring today and have your crayons moving across the page in no time.

10 Creative Coloring Ideas for Dia de los Muertos

Want to make your coloring experience even more unique? Try out these ten fun ideas:

Traditional Colors: Stick with the classic Dia de los Muertos palette of vibrant oranges, purples, and blacks.
Neon Brights: Give the pages a modern twist with neon colors.
Memory Lane: Personalize pages with colors or elements that remind you of a loved one.
Nature Inspired: Incorporate elements from nature like birds or trees into your backgrounds.
Celebration Style: Use festive patterns and lots of colors to mimic the holiday’s joyful atmosphere.
Nighttime Scenes: Create a nighttime look with dark backgrounds and bright, contrasting colors.
Folk Art Flavors: Emulate Mexican folk art with bold, simplistic designs.
Go Abstract: Experiment with abstract patterns within traditional outlines.
Watercolor Wonders: Use watercolors for a fluid, blended appearance.
Add Some Sparkle: Incorporate glitter or metallic colors for a festive touch.


Thanks for choosing GBcoloring for your Dia de los Muertos festivities. We hope our coloring pages bring not only fun but also a deeper appreciation for this profound cultural celebration. Don’t forget to show us your artwork by sharing it on social media with #GBcoloring. Happy coloring, and may your Dia de los Muertos be as colorful and meaningful as your beautiful art!

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