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Free FNF Coloring Pages Printable

Our great set of free Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) coloring pages will take you to a world full of color and music. No matter if you’re a kid who wants to color or an adult who loves the rhythmic tasks of  printable FNF coloring pages are made for everyone. Are you ready to show off your artistic skills? Let’s talk about what makes our FNF coloring pages so fun! Each page takes you to a world where music and color go together perfectly, with a variety of patterns that capture the spirit of the popular rhythm game. It’s not enough to just fill in the blanks; you have to bring each figure to life through your own unique artistic lens. Explore our wide range of characters and find your favorites ready for your artistic touch.

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What’s So Great About FNF Coloring Pages?

The catchy beats and lively, colorful characters in Friday Night Funkin’ have won over players’ hearts. While you color our FNF pages, these figures will come to life on your page. Every coloring page is a chance to re-create the exciting atmosphere of Friendship is Magic, from Boyfriend’s cool attitude to Girlfriend’s cheery charm.

Our Many FNF Coloring Pages

1. Simple and easy designs
These simple coloring pages are great for little kids or people who have never colored before. They help build fine motor skills while keeping the patterns fun and easy to follow.

2. Patterns with lots of details for skilled colorists
For people who like a challenge, our more detailed designs let you get more creative. These are great for bigger kids and adults.

3. A collection of your favorite characters
Feel free to color pictures of your boyfriend, girlfriend, Daddy Dearest, and other people. Each character adds their own style and charm to the coloring fun.

4. Themed Coloring Adventures
You can color sheets from special versions like “Halloween Night Funkin'” or “Christmas Carol Beats,” which combine FNF with holiday music.

5. Battle Scenes in FNF
Capture the intense fights of FNF with pages that have musical showdowns and dynamic duels.

You can print for free and easily

You can print out any of our free FNF coloring pages without any trouble. Pick out the image you like, save it to your computer, and print it out. That simple! Our free coloring pages that you can print out make it easy for anyone to start drawing right away.

How to Get the Most Out of Coloring

Pick Out the Right Goods: Whether you like to color with chalk, colored pencils, or markers, using the right tools can make your work better.

Try Out Different Colors: Don’t be afraid to try new things. Feel free to mix and match colors however you like in FNF.

Don’t rush: Have fun with the process. It’s not enough to just finish coloring; you should enjoy every movement.

If you want the color to be even, always use a flat surface. It helps get those edges just right.

Show off your work: Put your art on show when you’re done. It’s a great way to show how hard you’re working and keep you going.

These 10 themed coloring pages will give you ideas

Rivals in rhythm: The Color Boyfriend is going up against his different musical enemies.

Date Night: A cute scene of Boyfriend and Girlfriend having a quiet time together.

Musical Instruments: Fill in the blank pages that show the different kinds of music that are used in FNF fights.

Pixel Art Style: To pay homage to the game’s arcade roots, try coloring pages with a retro pixel art style.

Funky Fashion: Pay attention to how each character’s clothes and style are different.

Crowds Cheering: Scenes of people cheering during a fight can be very colorful.

Holiday Themes: Holiday editions with your favorite figures dressed up in holiday-themed clothes.

Abstract Beats: Put characters in abstract designs together with musical notes and beats.

Scenes at Night: To make fight scenes at night more intense and full of depth, use darker colors.

For FNF World Tour, color the characters as if they were in different places.

Happy to have you choose our coloring pages!

Happy coloring! We hope you enjoy our FNF coloring pages as much as we loved making them. Coloring is a fun, creative, and relaxing thing to do all at the same time. Thanks for picking our pages to make your day more interesting. Keep the music going and pencils handy—your next art adventure is just one page away! Have fun drawing! Please keep in mind that each stroke of color is a step toward making your work as you look through our choices. These coloring pages are meant to make you happy and give you a sense of success, whether you’re doing them to relax or to spend time with loved ones. Thank you for giving us this chance to be artistic. We hope it adds color and fun to your daily life. Come back often to find more fun and free coloring pages to keep your journey fun and colorful.

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