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Fun Hippopotamus coloring pages for kids

Hippos are fascinating creatures loved by children and adults alike. Their massive size, distinct shape, and mostly calm demeanor make them interesting subjects for coloring. At GBcoloring, we provide an extensive collection of hippopotamus coloring pages that are perfect for a fun coloring session with your kids. These pages are not only enjoyable but also a great way to enhance motor skills, stimulate creativity, and relax after a long day.

Hippopotamus coloring pages

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Why Hippopotamus Coloring Pages?

Engaging and Educational:

Hippopotamus coloring pages offer more than just the basics of coloring. They provide a platform for children to learn about these interesting animals while exploring their artistic side. Coloring can help improve hand-eye coordination and focus, making it a beneficial activity for kids of all ages.

A Variety of Choices:

At GBcoloring, our hippo coloring pages range from simple and cute designs for younger children to more complex scenes that capture the hippos in their natural environments for older kids. Whether it’s a hippo bathing in the mud, a mother with her baby, or a playful scene with other African wildlife, there’s something for every child.

Free Printable Hippopotamus Coloring Pages

All of our hippopotamus coloring pages are free and printable. This means you can easily access a wide range of pages without any cost and print them from the comfort of your home. Our pages are designed to print on standard letter-sized paper, and they’re formatted to save your ink, which makes them both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Easy to Print and Color

Our user-friendly website makes it easy to download and print any of the hippopotamus coloring pages. The pages are designed with bold, simple lines that are easy for kids to color inside the lines, and they feature a variety of scenes that cater to different interests and skill levels.

Printable Hippopotamus Coloring Sheets

Explore Our Wide Range of Designs:

Happy Hippo in the Water: This fun page features a joyful hippo surrounded by water details like bubbles, plants, and fish, making it a perfect scene for children to color.
Hippo in an African Scene: Set in a beautiful African landscape, this coloring page shows a serene hippo with trees, grasses, and wildlife around it.
Hippo Balloons: A whimsical coloring page where a hippo floats away on colorful balloons. Kids can use bright colors to bring this page to life.

Mother and Baby Hippo: A sweet scene depicting a mother hippo with her calf. It’s great for teaching kids about animal families.
Hippos at Play: Showing hippos playing in the water, splashing around, which can be vibrant with various blue and green hues.

Hippo with Birds: In this page, birds are perched on a hippo’s back, ideal for using a mix of colors.
Safari Scene: A hippo scene that includes other animals like giraffes and elephants, perfect for a safari-themed coloring activity.
Night-time Hippo: Featuring a hippo under the stars, this page can be magical with dark blues and sparkling silvers.

Hippo and Friends: This page includes a hippo along with other African animals, offering a chance to use a wide palette of colors.
Festive Hippo: A holiday-themed hippo wearing a Santa hat, which can be especially fun around Christmas.

Tips for Coloring Hippo Pages

Color Choices: Encourage your children to experiment with different colors, not just the typical grey and blue commonly associated with hippos.
They can make the hippo pink, purple, or any color they imagine.
Mixing Mediums: Use a combination of crayons, colored pencils, and markers to add depth and texture to the coloring pages.
Backgrounds: Don’t forget to color the backgrounds. It completes the scene and makes the main subjects pop out more vividly.

Add Details: Use this opportunity to teach your kids about hippos and their environments. Discuss the other animals that might live in the same area as hippos and depict them in the background.


Thank you for choosing GBcoloring for your hippopotamus coloring pages.
We are delighted to provide these fun, educational resources to help foster creativity and learning in your home. Our coloring pages are designed to keep your children engaged and entertained while they learn about one of Africa’s most iconic animals.

Download your favorite hippopotamus coloring pages today and start a new coloring adventure with your kids. Happy coloring, and remember, at GBcoloring, every page is an opportunity to explore and create something beautiful!

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