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Free King Coloring Pages

Welcome to GBcoloring, where we bring the fascinating world of kings and royalty to life through our collection of King coloring pages. Ideal for children who marvel at the tales of kings and queens, these pages are not just fun; they’re a gateway to an imaginative and historical journey. Let’s delve into our diverse range of king-themed coloring pages that are sure to captivate kids of all ages!

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Free King Coloring Pages for Kids

Our free king coloring pages are perfect for young enthusiasts of history and fairy tales. Featuring scenes ranging from majestic kings seated on their thrones to young princes and adventurous knights, our collection provides a rich variety to choose from. Kids can color in scenes depicting a medieval king, a king on horseback, or even a king sharing a moment with his queen, making history fun and accessible.

King Coloring Pages Printable Free

Ease of access is crucial for busy parents and educators, which is why our king coloring pages are printable free. Available in high-quality PDF formats, these coloring sheets are a breeze to print and are perfect for integrating into classroom activities or homeschooling curriculum. Teachers can use these pages to spark discussions about historical figures, royal attire, and the responsibilities of a monarch, turning a simple coloring session into an educational experience.

King Coloring Pages Easy

Designed with young artists in mind, our easy king coloring pages feature simple outlines and large coloring areas, making them ideal for preschoolers and early learners. Themes like crowns, scepters, and knight’s shields allow children to explore these regal symbols while honing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These pages are not only fun but also serve as a tool for learning about the elements of royal life.

King Coloring Pages to Print

All our coloring pages, including the detailed and intricate designs suitable for older children, are easy to print. This accessibility ensures that any parent or educator can provide their children or students with a fun and engaging activity that stimulates their creativity and interest in history and royalty.

Printable King Coloring Sheets

For those who love a challenge, our printable king coloring sheets feature complex designs that include aspects of kings and royalty such as armor, castles, and royal banquets. Older kids will appreciate the opportunity to engage in more detailed work, exploring various textures and patterns that these coloring sheets offer.

Ten Creative Coloring Ideas with King Pages

  1. Royal Apparel: Focus on coloring the detailed clothing and jewels often seen in royal attire.
  2. Historical Settings: Add backgrounds that reflect a castle interior or a medieval village.
  3. Fantasy Elements: Introduce mythical creatures or magical elements into the traditional scenes.
  4. Family Crests: Design and color a family crest for a king’s royal robe or shield.
  5. Famous Kings: Color pages inspired by real historical figures like King Arthur or Charlemagne.
  6. Festival Scenes: Depict a medieval festival with jesters, musicians, and townspeople.
  7. Battle Scenes: Color knights and kings in armor on the battlefield.
  8. Regal Parades: Create a parade scene with the king and his court.
  9. Royal Pets: Add beloved pets of kings, like falcons, horses, or greyhounds.
  10. Seasonal Kings: Depict kings enjoying seasonal activities, like a winter feast or a summer tournament.

Coloring Tips and Notes

  • Variety of Mediums: Encourage the use of crayons, markers, and even watercolors for different effects.
  • Layering Colors: Teach older children how to layer colors to create depth, especially in royal garments.
  • Interactive Learning: Pair coloring with storytelling or playing regal music to deepen the immersive experience.
  • Regular Updates: Check back often for new and exciting king coloring pages as our collection is regularly updated.


Thank you for choosing GBcoloring for your King coloring pages. We are delighted to provide these resources and hope they bring hours of fun and learning to your family or classroom. Remember, all our pages are free and easy to print, designed to engage and educate children about the rich world of kings and royalty. Happy coloring and long live the creativity!

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