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 Vampirina Coloring Pages Printable, Free, and Easy Options

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to keep your kids entertained, Vampirina coloring pages might just be the answer. The popular Disney Junior show, which follows the adventures of a young vampire girl named Vampirina, has captured the hearts of children all over the world. Now, with GBcoloring’s selection of printable, free, and easy Vampirina coloring pages, your child can bring their favorite characters to life.

Here are four options for Vampirina coloring pages your child will love

Vampirina coloring pages 1 1

vampirina and friend

Vampirina coloring pages 1

vampirina with bat

Vampirina coloring pages 2 1

vampirina and demi

Vampirina coloring pages 2

vampirina with friends

Vampirina coloring pages 3 1

baby vampirina

Vampirina coloring pages 3

vampirina disney

Vampirina coloring pages 4 1

vampirina and dog

Vampirina coloring pages 4

vampirina with makeup supplies

Vampirina coloring pages 5 1

Vampirina smile

Vampirina coloring pages 6 1

Vampirina with family

Vampirina coloring pages 8 1

Vampirina dances ballet

Vampirina coloring pages 9 1

Vampirina held her best friend’s hand

Vampirina coloring pages 10 1


Vampirina coloring pages 11 1

Vampirina performs

Vampirina christmas coloring pages


  1. Vampirina and her friends: This Vampirina coloring page features Vampirina and her friends, Poppy and Bridget. With their happy faces and cute outfits, this is sure to be a favorite for young children.
  2. Vampirina in her Bat Form: This Vampirina coloring page shows Vampirina in her bat form. Kids will love coloring in the intricate details of her wings and fangs.
  3. Vampirina and Demi: This Vampirina coloring page features Vampirina and her loyal friend Demi. The pair is pictured in their classic poses, ready for your child to color.
  4. Vampirina with Wolfie: This Vampirina coloring page shows Vampirina with her adorable pet werewolf, Wolfie. Your child can color in the shaggy fur and big puppy eyes.

Free Vampirina Coloring Pages

All of these Vampirina coloring pages are available for free on GBcoloring’s website. Simply click on the image you want to print and let your child’s creativity take over. With GBcoloring’s easy-to-use website, you can easily print as many copies as you need for your child to share with friends or enjoy on their own.

For parents looking for a more challenging option, GBcoloring also offers a selection of Vampirina coloring pages with more intricate designs. These pages are perfect for older children or those who want to take their coloring skills to the next level. And with GBcoloring’s commitment to high-quality printing, you can be sure that every line and detail will come out perfectly.

In addition to our selection of Vampirina coloring pages, GBcoloring offers a wide variety of other printable coloring pages for kids of all ages. From popular characters like Elsa and Spider-Man to animals, sports, and more, GBcoloring has something for everyone. And with new pages added regularly, you can keep your child’s coloring collection fresh and exciting.

Whether your child is a fan of Vampirina or simply loves to color, GBcoloring’s selection of Vampirina coloring pages is sure to be a hit. With printable, free, and easy options available, it’s never been easier to keep your child entertained and engaged. So why wait? Head to GBcoloring’s website today and start printing!


GBcoloring’s Vampirina Coloring Pages are your ticket to a world where coloring is transformed into a magical experience. Start your coloring adventure today and let the bewitching charm of Vampirina and her friends fill your pages with joy and color. Happy coloring, fellow vampire enthusiasts!

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